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Kandy is a special city among the major cities of Sri Lanka. Surrounded by dense forests and mountain ranges reaching 500 meters above sea level, the sights of this city give the impression of living in a modern valley. This place is greatly supported by nature and has become a city with a comfortable climate. Whether you’re looking for a romantic or playful evening to let your mind wander, towns with lakes and special landscapes are always a treat.

Kandy has a rich historical background that includes major events from the Middle Ages and the colonial period. Every square inch of this beautifully designed city is a piece of Sri Lankan history. You can feel the heartbeat of royalty in colonial architecture, and feel the blessings of God as you visit majestic temples where science meets religion and tries to explain the complexities of life. Colonial buildings have left their mark in various cities around the world. Today’s generation calls these marks “old world charm.” Traveling through Kandy as a tourist captures the old world charm, where the city’s atmosphere plays a central role, transporting you to a world where things are simpler and more fun. A visit to this beautiful city, associated with mysticism, is a journey through time for many.

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