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Matale is often written (or pronounced) Matale because it is a medium-sized provincial city in the geographical center of the island. The hotel is located 142 km from Colombo in a vast dense valley at an altitude of 300 meters. Matale is a boring city with one-way traffic and not many tourists. So it’s entirely possible that you wish you hadn’t stayed here longer. However, the roads north of town are dotted with attractive spice plantations that grow cocoa, rubber, vanilla, cardamom, cinchona, and jackfruit. That’s not all. This Sri Lankan town is also popular for its kohira (aquatic plant/herb) and small beneficial chilies.

Traversing the Knuckles Range east of Matale, you’ll encounter striking mountain scenery. The B38 climbs uphill from the north end of town to reach La Tota. Meanwhile, other roads head southwest to the hilltop villages of Kalagahandara and Elkaduwa, eventually reaching Victoria Reservoir and Kandy. It’s clean, beautiful, and a bit underdeveloped, but worth a visit when touring other cities in Sri Lanka.

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