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Sigiriya Rock or the Lion Rock is an old stronghold situated in the Matale Locale in focal Sri Lanka. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is. It is located at an elevation of 370 meters between Dambulla and Habarane in the Matale District of Central Sri Lanka. It comprises a bastion and has remains of royal residences, the Lion Door, gardens, channels, the Mirror Wall, and numerous lovely frescoes (canvases made in wet mortar on walls). The place got its name from the carved lion claws at the Lion Gate’s entrance. You can arrive at the Sigiriya Fort either by transport or via train, from the principal towns of Dambulla or Habarana.

The Sigiriya Rock Post is derived from two words – ‘Simha’ meaning Lion, and ‘Giri’ meaning Mountain. The Mirror Wall, an exquisitely designed fortress, ruined halls, a citadel, and numerous “Frescoes”—ancient paintings on walls—make up the site.

Wonderful nurseries and canals encompass this fortification. It was built by King Kashyapa after he moved his capital to Sigiriya. The most ethereal views of the land below can be seen during the entire climb, which takes about an hour. The climb is not recommended for seniors because it is quite steep in some places. The site opens at 7:00 AM from Monday to Saturday and is effectively available from adjacent towns. The cost is worth the effort.

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